“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo da Vinci
The launch of “le Luco Paris“

Studiozeta Showroom
7, Rond-Point des Champs-Élysées Marcel-Dassault
75008 Paris

27 Sept - 3 Oct 2018
9.30 am - 7.30 pm
Hélène Carrouée, a designer  and creative director, discrete, a perfectionist, diligent and passionate aboutthe purity of architectural lines and a pared-back aesthetic, met...Nathalie  Colas, a commercial director with infectious joie de vivre, a bold, open mind teeming with ideas, who likes to think big...If Hélène and Nathalie were gardens, they would be complementary and balanced, just like the Jardin du Luxembourg, known affectionately as le Luco by the Parisians for whom it is a living space, a bubble of nature, a source of inspiration and a cultural showpiece.

As soon as they met, Hélène and Nathalie knew they shared the same love of beautiful things; of those pieces to which we become attached, which become a part of us and that do us good because they have soul. And by its very essence, the bag that comes everywhere with us, carried close against the body, should be one of those things.

That’s why co-founders Hélène and Nathalie created Le Luco Paris, a new brand of bags perfectly calibrated to work with the body, that carry without weighing down. Crafted with a focus on the softest materials, they bear the imprint of the hand that made them, masterfully marrying simplicity, refinement and practicality to take their place as time-trusted partners for living, day after day.

Today, six bags are handmade by the most talented French leather goods craftspeople, using fine mate- rials and high-tech fibres, in a delicate palette evoking the colours found in the Jardin du Luxembourg through the cycle of the seasons.An unwavering alliance of savoir plaire, savoir-faire, savoir vivre : Gallic appeal, expertise and refinement.
Nathalie Colas - nc@lelucoparis.com   +33 6 09 86 37 99 
Hélène Carrouée - hc@lelucoparis.com  +33 6 50 79 13 90 

14, rue Henri Barbusse - 75005 Paris
By appointment only

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